AmericanDream is run by real people, with real experience, for a real purpose: letting you choose which information to read, helping you make up your own opinions, and making your voice heard in government.

Q: What are AmericanDream’s objectives?

 A: AmericanDream two key objectives are:

1) Provide the best news experience possible and organizing it all for you in one web portal. The old way was letting the media determine what you should read. AmericanDream puts you in charge by helping you select what to explore, share, and discuss with your family, friends, and colleagues.

2) Put citizens back in control of their government. AmericanDream is a unique social networking community that provides customizable information (all sources are clearly identified by bias) to help you learn more and articulate what you believe — whatever those beliefs are — and hold your politicians accountable. We are helping you rebuild our democracy from the ground up.  


Q: What is the origin of AmericanDream?

  A: Our political house is on fire. We decided to not watch it burn anymore. Together, we can save it. Even though we might like the idea of elected officials peering over the walls they have formed to see millions of electronic torches and pitchforks headed their way, we know that is not the answer. It’s time to put the people first by putting your words, thoughts, and desires into action.  

Q: What are AmericanDream’s next steps?

A: The 2016 presidential election put Republicans back in control of the executive branch. The 2018 midterm elections put Democrats back in control of the House. These changes sent a clear message to politicians and the media. Voters were frustrated. Were those changes based on emotion, a desire for a shift in policy, or both? What will happen in the 2020 elections?

AmericanDream is a game-changing news and social media platform designed for you, whether you decide to just get your news in a new way or take the next step and act on issues you care about. The media and political establishments will finally know the old ways are over.

AmericanDream is preparing to launch to the public soon so you will be able to discuss issues, convey to politicians what is important to you and your family, hold everyone accountable, and restore trust in our public institutions. If you would like to discuss partnering opportunities to help perpetuate our impartial mission, or if you know of others who want to, please contact us at


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Together, we are creating the effective, transparent, and accountable e-Democracy we hoped the internet would deliver. LLC