Biased Platforms

It's time for an unbiased umpire.


The media landscape is made up of a divisive maze of echo chambers lacking diverse perspectives and dominated by anonymous trolls and personal attacks where concerns are expressed, frustration mounts, but change rarely occurs. 

Echo chambers just push partisans farther into their corners.


Echo chambers like Huffington Post and Drudge Report push left and right partisans further into their corners. 
Facebook and Twitter employees disclosed the political bias of their platforms. Google acts as if an impartial AI wizard resides in a Faraday box in a Silicon Valley vault guiding the search engine when it's humans that control the levers of their algorithm.

They all need to be held accountable based on their business models.

Why be limited by what they determine you read and discuss?


The media bubble is caused by a national magazine industry concentrated in New York, radio and TV networks based in New York and Los Angeles, and a shrinking newspaper industry. 

The social media sites that funnel publisher content are based in Silicon Valley only exacerbating the coastal bias. 


Millions of diverse articles organized into issue categories that can be easily read and shared with game-changing discussion, search, bookmarking, and rating functionality.