Real Change

It's time for real change.

 Average voters in both parties share a common objective - the end to the same old backroom deals, false promises, and phony reform efforts. Accountability shouldn’t only occur every two, four or six years. Is it really a surprise that polls fluctuate so much and reflect voter angst towards both politicians and the media?   

Democrats and Republicans, and their special interest enablers, are all responsible for a dysfunctional political system that prioritizes money over citizen engagement, is $21 trillion in debt, and has chaotic and failing education, healthcare and immigration systems, unfunded entitlement programs, workforce woes, and crises escalating beyond our shores.

Trust in Media and Politicians


Trust in Mass Media:

Gallup Poll (Sept 11, 2018) Accuracy, Unbiasedness, Transparency Foster Media Trust.

Gallup Poll (Sept 14, 2016)

 Americans' Trust in Mass Media Sinks to New Low.

These fluctuations were certainly impacted by election cycles, but the key is for your voice to be heard and for these institutions to listen. 

Trust in Politicians:

Gallup Poll (Jan 31, 2019) Americans' Trust in Government to Handle Problems at New Low

Gallup Poll (Oct 4, 2018) Americans' Trust in Politicians Hits 10-Year High.

Gallup Poll (Sept 21, 2016) Americans' Trust in Political Leaders, Public at New Lows.

We need more transparency and reform, and fewer institutions failing us.

The dysfunction is critical as the government’s reach into our personal and professional lives increases, privacy concerns in both the public and private sectors grow, and the electorate feels more disillusioned. The Trump victory in 2016 rode waves of bad reporting and worse polling. Democrat and Republican establishment types are still wondering what happened. Trump supporters were ecstatic. Hillary supporters were shell-shocked, and Bernie supporters felt cheated. Many since then seem to be pitted against each other by media and political institutions that are now promoting conflict, misunderstanding, and sky is falling hysteria.