Restore Trust


It's time to make our voice count to hold officials and institutions accountable and restore trust.

As voters, we need to understand and learn more from each other and communicate those concerns to those we give the opportunity to represent us through elections. 

AmericanDream studied the social media landscape a decade ago, predicted some of the key challenges that would occur due to their business models, and built a platform to fix many of the woes these tech titans created. Until now, no one has created real access and accountability on the media, our government at all levels, and on the key players. 

Elected officials have a hard job. How can we all work better together to decrease the use of phony reform efforts, form letters, and false promises and start solving the challenges we face?

Facebook, Twitter, Google, and other Silicon Valley companies used to soar on limitless trust by users. They now face scrutiny by both parties in Congress, privacy experts, civil libertarians, and millions of consumers. Will they be able to reboot in the minds of consumers they’ve betrayed, or will their business models and key executives hinder effective change?  

To restore trust, we need to find ways to work together and stop kicking the can down the road if we are to address our domestic and international challenges. As the unbiased umpire, AmericanDream is the e-Democracy platform that respects all perspectives, lets users choose what they read and discuss, and holds everyone accountable.